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Core Values and Skills of Freedom Thinkers Education



We, as a school, staff, and students value:

  • Team work

  • Respect for each other

  • A person’s intrinsic ability to learn

  • The “whole child” including the body, mind, heart and spirit

  • Pride in our work

  • Time and money management

  • Opportunities to develop personal interests, creativity and talents

  • The freedom to choose our own projects and learn “how to think” rather than “what to think”

  • Project-based, hands-on learning

  • The support of our parents and community

  • The sharing of information and learning from each other

  • A passion for learning

  • A strong work ethic

  • Critical thinking

  • Problem solving

  • Self-directed learning

  • Self evaluation and critiquing skills

  • Multi-age learning

  • An affordable alternative education


We develop these skills and values through the use of the Core Competencies, peer editing and critiquing, projects and self-directed studies.

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