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The Society recognizes the importance of ensuring the water quality within Freedom Thinkers Education School and complies with the Water Management Best Practices and the Drinking Water Protection Act.  




 Making sure that the water quality complies with the Water Management Best Practices and the Drinking Water Protection Act will ensure that the water is always safe to drink and the school population remains risk free from water contaminants.




In accordance with the “Water Management Best Practices and the Drinking Water Protection Act”, Freedom Thinkers Education will work in accordance with the local health authority to ensure the drinking water is properly tested and handled on the use of school property.



  • A monthly water sample will be collected and taken to the local Health Unit (Northern Health) where it will be sent out for testing. The steps for this sample are found below:

  • Proper sterilized water bottles will be obtained from the local Health Unit.

  • The bottle for the water sample will be labeled with the system and site name, as well as the date and time the sample was taken.

  • The sterilized bottle will not be opened until the sample is ready to be taken.

  • Tap water will be run for 1 minute.

  • The bottle top will carefully be removed to prevent contamination of the inside of the bottle by hands.

  • The bottle will be filled to the mark indicated with cold water.

  • The cap will be tightly replaced to prevent any spillage during shipping.

  • A completed requisition form with the date and time will be put in the supplied baggie and attached to the bottle.

  • The water sample will be kept cold but protected from freezing prior to shipment to the Health Unit.

  • Samples to the Fort St. John Health Unit will be submitted before 2:00 pm on the same day they are collected.

  • If a result from the sampled water does not meet the bacteriological standards for drinking water, an Environmental Health Officer will contact the school immediately.

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