Teacher Evaluation

The Board and the Principal Educator recognizes that a critical element in a sound educational program is the individual teacher. It is also the belief of the Board and the Principal Educator that teacher evaluation will assist teachers in the realization of their full potential, thereby resulting in the improvement of instruction throughout the School.


The Principal Educator is responsible for maintaining a Teacher Evaluation Policy for the purpose of establishing standards of performance for teachers and the determination of teacher performance in respect of these standards.


The Principal Educator believes in an evaluation process which evaluates the performance of every teacher in a fair and just manner. The evaluation of a teacher's performance shall be conducted in an atmosphere of trust, confidence, and support to the greatest extent possible.


The Principal is responsible for the implementation of evaluation processes. Each teacher participating in an evaluation program shall be made aware of the process and criteria prior to the commencement of the evaluation.


Teacher Evaluation will be based on progress made toward goals set prior to any assessment by the Principal Educator. Goals may be created jointly by the teacher and the Principal Educator and the criteria for measuring goal attainment shall be understood by the teacher as early as possible before any assessment takes place.


As the principle behind this policy is about professional improvement, a coaching approach shall be undertaken, either formally or informally or a combination of both, to help teachers reach their professional goals in a supported manner. Peer coaching among educators in the school is supported and encouraged.


Not withstanding professional goals set by teachers, in cases where a teacher’s evaluation results in the revelation of unprofessional conduct, the Principal Educator shall inform all necessary parties as per legislation and BC Ministry of Education Policy. The Principal shall advise the Board in matters that may involve dismissal.

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