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Multiple Low-risk “Routine” Rural area Field Trip Consent Form


At Freedom Thinkers Education Project Society, students will, from time to time, be working outside of the school building and off the campus.

These “routine” field trips may include:


·    Regular supervised walking trips around the area of Baldonnel including the 120 acres of farm land on the Cushway property

·    Regular supervised and unsupervised trips to Baldonnel School for interschool activities


Part A (Consent)


My signature below indicates that I:


  • Have read the field trip information above


  • Have considered and accepted the risks associated with these routine, low-risk field trips;


  • Consent to the student listed below participating in these routine, low-risk field trips;


  • Understand that the school codes of conduct for students apply at all times


Date: ________________________________________________________


Student’s name [please print]:_____________________________________


Parent / guardian’s name [please print]:______________________________

Parent / guardian’s signature:______________________________________                                                                        

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