Fire Drill Procedures



Freedom Thinkers Education PBL Society expects all students and staff to practice a fire drill a minimum of 2 times/school year.




For the health and safety of everyone, fire drills will be practiced at least twice a year. In the unfortunate event that a fire should occur, people will know and understand the procedures for both the evacuation of the building and the safe removal of children and personnel.




All students, staff, visits, and anyone else on the premises will follow the procedures outlined below during a fire drill or a real fire.




I.   Purpose


To keep everyone safe in the event that there is a fire.


II.   Procedures


Staff members and students will discuss procedures for a fire evacuation during the first days of school. They will be aware of the emergency evacuation routes and the Muster Place will be established. When the fire alarm goes off or a fire is announced, the following procedures will take place:

  1. If children are in the educational building, they will meet at a designated door where they will be joined by an adult.

  2. If children are outside of the educational building, they will meet at the fence in the middle of the parking lot which has been assigned as the Muster Place.

  3. Once the children have met at the door (grades 7-9 at the gym door and grades 4-6 at the main porch door), an adult will then determine if it is safe to proceed outside. If it’s safe, the adult will lead the children out of the school and convene at the Muster Place which will be at the fence in the middle of the parking lot.

  4. The last person out of the building will shut off the lights and close the door. A predesignated person will phone 911.

  5. Classes will line up and move outside in a quiet and ordering manner. If students are in another part of the school (e.g., bathroom) they will join their class at the Muster Place as soon as possible.

  6. Attendance will be checked.

  7. Attendance will be confirmed. The principal or teacher-in-charge will be positioned in the middle of the road between the two metal gate posts.

  8. Students will accompany their teacher back to class once there is an all-clear signal from the principal or teacher-in-charge.

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