School Supply List – 2021/2022

Freedom Thinkers Education


                           -1 pair of inside shoes – no “heelies” please

                           -1" binder

                           -1 package of binder dividers

                           -1 ruler (preferably with both metric and imperial measurements)

                           -3 duotangs (preferably different colours)

                           -24 pack of pencil crayons

                           -20 regular HB pencils

                           -6 pens (4 blue and 2 red)

                           -8 white board markers

                           -4 permanent black markers

                           -1 package of coloured Sharpie markers

                           -white eraser

                           -200 sheets of lined paper

                           -5 purple Elmer glue sticks - 20g or 1-100g stick

                           -geometry kit with a compass, protractor and a straight edge


                           -Gr. 7-9: Scientific calculator capable of basic math functions (usually $12-$15)

                           -Gr. 4-6: Basic calculator

                           -2 boxes of Kleenex

                           -blank sketch book (for drawing) - 9" x 12" (22.5 cm x 30.5 cm)

                           -1 bottle of hand sanitizer (replace and refill throughout the year as needed)

                           -face mask

                           -Optional: "White Out" or "Wipe Out" for correcting pen mistakes


                           -a computer or technical device capable of internet research work and word

                            processing for assignments

                           (we find the Acer Chromebook 11, with an 11.6" IPS Display, 2 GB of

                            memory, 16 GB storage and has an IntelCeleron N3060 that you order off

                           Amazon works just fine. New and on sale they cost about $249 + tax =$280



*Please note that none of the items above need be new – just workable

*Please ensure that your child comes to school with these supplies and they are clearly labelled



Google Docs is a free program that allows children to word process and share assignments