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School Supply List – 2023/2024

Freedom Thinkers Education


                           -1 pair of inside shoes – no “heelies” please

                           -1" binder

                           -1 package of binder dividers

                           -1 ruler (preferably with both metric and imperial measurements)

                           -3 duotangs (preferably different colours)

                           -24 pack of pencil crayons

                           -20 regular HB pencils

                           -6 pens (4 blue and 2 red)

                           -8 white board markers

                           -2 highlighters

                           -2 permanent black markers

                           -1 package of coloured Sharpie markers

                           -white eraser

                           -200 sheets of lined paper

                           -2 -100 g purple Elmer glue stick

                           -geometry kit with a compass, protractor, and a straight edge


                           -Gr. 7-9: Scientific calculator capable of basic math functions (usually $12-$15)

                           -Gr. 4-6: Basic calculator

                           -1 box of Kleenex

                           -blank sketch book (for drawing) - 9" x 12" (22.5 cm x 30.5 cm)

                           -Optional: "White Out" or "Wipe Out" for correcting pen mistakes


                           -a computer or technical device capable of internet research work and word

    processing for assignments (we find the Acer Chromebook 11, with an 11.6"

    IPS Display, 2 GB of memory, 16 GB storage and has an IntelCeleron N3060

    that you order off Amazon works just fine.)


*If students are getting a new computer, we ask that they PLEASE do not use Family Link or even log into their new device until they come to school. We will set them up with their FTE email and log-in when they come, and it makes it MUCH easier if it hasn’t been already logged into ahead of time. They should come with it charged and ready to start on the first day of school.


*Please note that none of the items above need be new – just workable

*Please ensure that your child comes to school with these supplies, and they are clearly labelled



Google Docs is a free program that allows children to word process and share assignments.

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