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I cannot say enough positive about this school. If you have children in school - you NEED to attend one of the Open Houses.


This school is amazing in so many ways. From how it allows children the freedom to learn at their own rate, choose the subjects that interests them and get support and teaching from an amazing teacher and mentor.

I cannot wait for the opportunity to put my children into this school knowing that they will come out Freedom Thinkers.


The students blew me away. I only wished that I would have had this opportunity for my kids.


I'm inspired each and every time I go in the door of this little school.


"Our 3 kids spent the day here and loved it. 2 of them commented on how nice the other students treated them, and that there wasn't any bullying. They have written and submitted their letters and look forward to the possibility of attending this school in the fall."

                                                                         - DB

Great teacher who is able to teach the range from stuggling students to those who excel and ensures they all become better learners.


Great news! The students are so lucky...


Congratulations for your inspiration and vision for our brilliant youth because you believe in their potential and understanding their passion. You are a genius.


This is awesome! To this day you have been one of my most influential teachers. Wish this was something I had the opportunity to do. Good for you Sandra Cushway.


She was one of my favorite teachers! So cool that she's doing this!


Good morning. The most amazing thing happened in our house last night..... we couldn’t get [our son] to go to bed because he couldn’t stop telling us about what he is doing in school! (I want to frame his covering letter).


Thank you Freedom Thinkers Education. We feel like we have our son back again!

Pretty amazing thoughts go through your head when your 11 year old and 13 year old wake up Saturday morning and they are quite sad and disappointed that they don’t “get” to go to school that day.


 "Our son came home from school today and told me that sending him to Freedom Thinkers was the best decision we have made.  He has no regrets about leaving his other school.  Thanks!  He talks so highly about the group of kids that he is with.  I only wish we would have started with you earlier."


Everybody is going to watch this school succeed!


I am amazed at the positive difference in my son already, and it hasn't even been a full month of him being at Freedom Thinkers. After all these years of homework, it is finally not a fight or listening to him telling himself how stupid he is. He is sitting down voluntarily to do his homework and not needing any reminders of checking his answers. He is writing numbers and letters the correct way, and smiling while he is doing his homework. He is actually excited to go to school! Thank you so much for everything you have done and will be doing for him for the rest of year. I can see already that his is learning a lot better, feeling confident in who he is (strengths and weaknesses) and being comfortable with himself for the first time since his school years began (5 years ago) 

Huge heartfelt Thank you to the whole staff. 



I just wanted to say how much I have appreciated the approach Freedom Thinkers has taken at this time.  Being able to listen to the teachers teach, hearing the kids be respectful to each other, and the whole experience has just been wonderful.  I almost got emotional when Mrs. Wilson was teaching the other day because she reminded the students, multiple times, 'science changes, so just because we are teaching this now and just because this is the answer now, doesn't mean it's going to be the same in 20 years, it is just a very educated guess, etc. so it's important to continue to keep an open mind.'  No one told us that as kids.  What we were taught was the 'gospel', so imagine to my surprise when as an adult I found out that a large portion of science was just an educated guess based on the information they had at the time.  I was mind-blown and a tad disappointed.  Just wanted to share that those little bits of additional information are part of the reason we continually praise Freedom Thinkers, because those little bits are the difference.


Marilyn says “what an amazing learning environment! So exciting to see it all happening! So proud of you, Sandra and Chris, staff and students! Congratulations and best wishes on your adventure!


What you have created at Freedom Thinkers is simply amazing!  The difference I see in my kids and how they approach learning, their thoughts and opinions, and their self-confidence is so exciting to see!  Through this whole Covid thing I have seen them questioning things they are hearing and things they see happening instead of blindly believing everything they see, read, and hear.  I credit that to all the critical thinking you teach and talk about.  Thank you so much for having the courage to step out of the box and create something amazing.


We are truly blown away at how smoothly your school has transitioned into this 'new normal'...This is the first time our son has enjoyed school in several years.  Thank you so much for the difference you have made for him.


Thanks so much for all of your hard work in keeping online school running smoothly.


Great teachers who are able to teach the range from struggling students to those who excel and ensure they all become better learners.


This school is amazing in so many ways! From how it allows children the freedom to learn at their own rate, choose the subjects that interests them and get support and teaching from amazing teachers and mentors.

I cannot wait for the opportunity to put my children into this school knowing that they will come out Freedom Thinkers.


Thank you for your diligence and hard work.  They are going to be amazing humans at graduation!


Thank you for doing such a great job as teachers.


Thanks again for everything, we really appreciate everything you do for the children!

I just wanted to say thank you to all the teachers...I have been telling everyone what a great school Freedom Thinkers is, and how well everyone has adjusted to this online learning.  I was so happy to have my son at your school, but even more so now during these crazy times.  Thanks for all you do!


Thank you for your wonderful efforts in educating and connecting with our kiddos.  You are wonderful, and I so appreciate the choices you have made in other wonder teachers too.  Thank you everyone at Freedom Thinkers!


Thank you for the great job you are doing with this new way of learning.  I'm glad my student is able to continue to learn and have the structure throughout the day.


Thank you for everything you and your staff are doing for our children at this time!!  It has been amazing to watch how quickly they settled into the new platform of learning.  we feel so blessed to have the privilege of our children being part of your school.  Thank you!


I just wanted to send a big 'thank you' to you and your staff for getting the kids up and running so smoothly and quickly.  After hearing some nightmare stories from other parents and the struggles they are facing with the new changes to schooling and the use of technology, I thought you should know how much I appreciate you and your teachings with technology because it has made a huge difference during this chaotic and challenging time!


Thank you for all the amazing work you are doing!


Thank you for an incredible year!!  You and your team didn't even skip a beat when the world turned upside-down!  I am so proud to be part of this school!!

We will be forever grateful for what you have done for our child.  We truly believe that attending Freedom Thinkers has changed the trajectory of his life.  You are an incredible teacher and your love and passion for education is so inspiring!


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