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Science Fair 2022

Congratulations to all our Science Fair 2022 students; we are extremely proud of you! And thank you to all the staff, parents, helpers, and organizers of this special event. It is greatly appreciated.

Grades 4-6

Lucy – Silver

Anna/Kanna – Silver

Mia – Gold

Grades 7-9

Shawnna – Gold

Sage – Gold

Josh – Gold

In addition to the medals, our older students also did extremely well in the awards department (see below).


-People’s Choice Award

-Agrologists Award

-Animal Care Award

-Agriculture in the Classroom Award

-Sanofi Biogenious Canada Award

-BC Science Teachers Award


-Women in Engineering and Geoscience Award

-Julia Lane Award

-Honourable mention – top grade 7-9 Award


-Honourable mention – top grade 7-9 Award

Nationals: Canadian Wide Science Fair

Sage and Josh were 2 of the 5 students from the region chosen to represent this area at the Nationals in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Due to restrictions, this will be held virtually.


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